Although this is an adventure blog, I also do my fair share of races, mostly running, but also mountain biking. Here are (most of) the races I've done during the time covered by this blog, plus upcoming races this season.


- April 21: Sentrumsløpet 10K
- May 5: Holmenkollstafetten relay race
- May 26: Oslo Ecotrail 80K
- June 29: Salomon Xreid Jotunheimen (105K)
- September 7: UTMR Ultra Three passes (100K)


- March 18: Birkebeiner ski race
- April 29: Sentrumsløpet 5K, 20min49s, current 5K PR
- May 13: Holmenkollstafetten, relay race, ran for team OSI
- May 31: Fornebuløpet 10K, 43min36s
- June 4: Fjorden Rundt, 200K cycling sportive, 7h9min
- June 6: Rett til Værs! 4K uphill race, 27min38s
- June 10: Birkebeinerløpet trail half-marathon, 1h39min00s
- July 7-8: Jotunheimen Rundt, Norway's toughest cycling sportive
- August 5: Tromsø Skyrace, Extreme Skyrunning World series event, 11h22min
- September 6 - 9: Ultra Tour Monte Rosa, three day, 116K stage race, [part 1][part 2][part 3]
- October 21: Hytteplanmila 10K DNS due to illness


- April 23: Sentrumsløpet 10K 42min58s, current 10K PR
- May 21: Oslo Ecotrail 45K4h57min
- June 7: Rett til Værs! 4K uphill trail race, 28min44s
- June 11: Birkebeinerløpet trail half-marathon, 1h39min26s
- July 9: Hornindal Rundt 38K mountain race with a bajillion vertical. (Goal: finish with a smile on my face!) DNS due to illness
- August 6: Tromsø Skyrace Tromsdalstind4h23min
- August 25: Orsières - Champex - Chamonix, UTMB sister race, 9h15min
- October 23: Hanase Trail Run, 3h9min and 1st woman!


- Fjellseterløpet, 8K uphill road race, 44min15s, course PR
- Holmenkollstafetten,18.7K road race, 1h35min5s
- Trondheimsløpet, 12K trail race, 1h00min32s
- Nordmarka Skogsmaraton, trail marathon, 3h59min
- Luss Highland Games hill race, off trail hill race, approx. 3K
- Hytteplanmila, 10K road race, 44min21s


- Holmenkollmarsjen, 54K cross-country ski race, 5h8min19s
- Sentrumsløpet, 10K road race,  47min21s
- Oslo Enduro, mountain bike race
- Ultrabirken, 60K trail race, 7h0min38s
- Gråkallen Opp, 7.7K uphill trail race


- Raid de Grenoble INP, multisport adventure race
- Trail du Pic St Michel, 23K trail race, 3h20min
- Oslos bratteste, 'Oslo's steepest', 2.4K uphill trail race,  25min11s


- Nordmarka Skogsmaraton, trail marathon, 4h18min


- Oslo Marathon, 3h52min28s (Predates this blog, my only road marathon to date)