Although this is an adventure blog, I also do my fair share of races, mostly running, but also mountain biking. Here are (most of) the races I've done in the last 5 years, plus upcoming races this season.

(Planned for) 2017:

- May 31: Fornebuløpet 10K (Goal: PR)
- June 10: Birkebeinerløpet trail half-marathon (Goal: Race in the women's elite class without dying)
- July 7-8: Jotunheimen Rundt, Norway's toughest cycling sportive (Goal: Stay awake all night and finish! )
- August 5: Tromsø Skyrace, 55K trail race, part of the Extreme Skyrunning World series (Goal: Finish strong, under 12 hours)
- September 6 - 9: Ultra Tour Monte Rosa, three day, 116K stage race (Goal: Finish and get 4 UTMB qualifying points)


- April 23: Sentrumsløpet 10K (Goal: sub 44min/PR; Outcome: PR, 42min58s)
- May 21: Oslo Ecotrail 45K (Goal: sub 5 hours; Outcome: 4h57min)
- June 7: Rett til Værs! 4K uphill race on gnarly trails, 28min44s
- June 11: Birkebeinerløpet trail half-marathon (Goal: sub 1h45min; Outcome: 1h39min26s)
- July 9: Hornindal Rundt 38K mountain race with a bajillion vertical. (Goal: finish with a smile on my face!) DNS due to illness
- August 6: Tromsø Skyrace Tromsdalstind (Goal: Have fun!; Outcome 4h23min and so much fun!)
- August 25: Orsières - Champex - Chamonix, UTMB sister race (Goal: finish!; Outcome: 9h15min)
- October 23: Hanase Trail Run (Goal: Finish and enjoy some trails; Outcome: 3h9min and 1st woman!)


- Fjellseterløpet (8K uphill road race, 44min15s, course PR)
- Holmenkollstafetten (18.7K road race, 1h35min5s)
- Trondheimsløpet (12K trail race, 1h00min32s)
- Nordmarka Skogsmaraton (trail marathon, 3h59min)
- Luss Highland Games hill race (off trail hill race, approx. 3K)
- Hytteplanmila (10K road race, 44min21s)


- Holmenkollmarsjen (54K cross-country ski race, 5h8min19s)
- Sentrumsløpet (10K road race,  47min21s)
- Oslo Enduro (enduro mountain bike race)
- Ultrabirken (60K trail race, 7h0min38s)
- Gråkallen Opp (7.7K uphill trail race)


- Raid de Grenoble INP (multisport adventure race)
- Trail du Pic St Michel (23K trail race, 3h20min)
- Oslos bratteste ('Oslo's steepest', 2.4K uphill trail race,  25min11s)


- Nordmarka Skogsmaraton (trail marathon, 4h18min)


- Oslo Marathon, 3h52min28s (Predates this blog, my only road marathon to date)

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